Fast, Solid & Stable Hosting Services

Privately Owned Infrastructure

We own our equipment -- we do not rent or work through a shared/managed services company. That means better security, better maintenance and greater flexibility when it comes to customization and upgrades. This also means a higher quality of service for our clients since we invest every year on our equipment in order to keep our services performance at maximum.

In-House Design, Research and Development

We design and develop everything in-house. This gives us the advantage of responding faster to client requests for features and improvements. We also love to try new technologies and use the best practices in order to deliever the best possible result for our clients.

High Quality Network

With our fiber optics networking, the 20Gbs uplink on all our servers and the two switches per rack for redundancy, we are able to provide a high quality network that will never suffocate your traffic needs.

99.99% Up Time

Thanks to the N+1 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and the N+1 generators of our data center, we are able to provide high availability to our clients, eliminating any potential problems regarding power supply, plus the ability to detect any potential failures long before the occur.


We are not just a hosting services company. We run numerous sub-projects, all built within our organization, based on various exciting technologies and made by people who love what they are doing and always trying to learn more, while having fun as well. Our highest priority is keeping the client satisfied, by providing quality services and support.